Investment Management

Individual and Corporate Investment Management

The construction of an individualized investment portfolio has its foundation on our Strategic and Tactical core themes. We believe that incorporating the macroeconomic big picture and independent entrepreneurial thinking, together with economic and market analytics, produces a more realistic picture of the world we operate in. Our philosophy in investment management is shaped by our experience and these critical insights:

The mainstream financial industry:

  • Tends to orient to valuation or technical analysis – rarely both
  • Follows conventional asset allocation models
  • Accepts government economic statistics as 100% credible and incorporates them into asset allocation strategies
  • Tends to be USA centric
  • Accepts Keynesian economics as sustainable
  • Is driven by a sales culture instead of a consultative culture
  • Prefers the safety of the herd

We believe it is advantageous over the long term to stand independent of mainstream behavior.

External Commentary, Research & Analysis

We subscribe to several independent research and analytical publications that are outside the mainstream financial media. They cover geopolitical, economic, financial, and business topics from both domestic and international perspectives. These analysts have an economic philosophy consistent with ours, and have demonstrated keen insights over the years on the direction of the macroeconomic forces and developing geopolitical conditions. We aggregate these views to produce a general direction of trends, and to reconcile differences of opinion.

Our Perspective

In addition to the external resources, we incorporate our insights and experience to help shape the prospective environment for opportunities and risks. Our clients touch a broad spectrum of industries, providing us insight on emerging business trends and real world, on-the-ground feedback on the economy. We believe that merging external analysis with front line experience helps provide a more robust picture of business and economic conditions.

Portfolio Design- Investment Selection

The assortment of investment choices available is staggering. The number of funds, individual securities, managed platforms, etc., creates a nearly unlimited option of configurations. To effectively filter the options, we utilize a variety of tools, including those provided by our broker-dealer, to identify suitable alternatives.