Mason-McBride Capital Advisors, LLC

Mason-McBride Capital Advisors, LLC is an independent investment management firm founded on the belief that the best opportunity for financial success requires the integration of two core themes, one strategic and one tactical. We serve as a trusted advisor to a select group of individuals, companies and retirement plans.

Our core strategic principal is “big picture.” It incorporates macroeconomic and geopolitical movements and how they are setting the tone for the markets. These dominating themes include but are not limited to fiscal policy themes, global monetary policy and capital flows, debt, shifting centers of economic influence and currency and trade wars. Understanding these macro dominating themes is critical to an effective long term effective tactical strategy. Our analysis in this area is influenced by the Austrian school of economics which in simplified terms advocates that in the long run individuals determine the direction of the economy through subjective preferences and governments in the short-term distort natural market forces through intervention and misallocation of capital. We believe these conflicting forces are a root cause of the business and economic cycle.

The tactical theme for individuals incorporates our Total Return Process®, with custom-designed plans that seamlessly integrate your legal, tax, insurance and investment strategies to help create an appropriate strategy for your long term financial needs. The tactical theme for company reserves balances the companies operating philosophy with its capital expenditure requirements. For company retirement plans, our tactical theme is driven by the demographic of the organizations employees along with the assistance of proper design and management necessitated by ERISA.

Dominating both themes is the integration of nonconventional thinking. Policy actions on a global and domestic level are creating risks not contemplated by conventional investment models. Incorporating nonconventional elements into the analysis can help mitigate these risks.